In the light of our 25th anniversary, we asked you for your feedback

Mobility / Smart Mobility

1996 was the year Fleet Logistics started its business in Europe to become the leading fleet management provider in the industry. The cornerstone of our success is not only based on our award winning IT technology but on the expertise of our employees and the collaboration with our clients and suppliers.

Therefore, we have asked you, our clients, 3 simple questions about Fleet Logistics:

  1. In the light of the 25th anniversary of FL, do you have some anniversary greetings you like to share?
  2. What comes to your mind of you think about Fleet Logistics?
  3. What does FL need to take care of to be successful for the next 25 years?

We received a lot of feedback from customers and are happy to share a little insight with the outside world.


Ivor Johnson, Global Fleet Lead, at Pfizer, said:

“Congratulations on reaching such a significant milestone – from acorn to young oak tree with plenty of growth to come. Thank you for the years of service.”


“To guide and help facilitate the transition from cars to a broader more sustainable mobility solutions.”

Michael Pohl, Senior HR Benefit Program Manager,at Microsoft:

“I have the pleasure working with Fleet Logistics in different roles over the past more than 20 years. As an employee, as a supplier (on lease company side) and now since nearly 14 years as supplier manager in my client role. I appreciate the long term relationship, which we´ve established over the years and the many things we´ve developed and pushed forward together, which partly became market standards meanwhile. Personally, I wish Fleet Logistics all the necessary luck, which comes to hard work and talent, not only for the next 25 years, but beyond!”

“My initial thought about Fleet Logistics are the many people I´ve met over the years and the high degree of professionalism and passion for the topic and the clients. Keep that up!”

“Fleet Logistics has demonstrated that they have the right sense for identifying business opportunities and trends. Currently, the move from the traditional fleet manager to a fleet & mobility integrator is the absolute right move and needs to be extended. Fleet Logistics needs to stay close to the market and their clients to make sure that demand and service becomes a match, ideally by using high level of digitization and excellent data quality. Then the future will be bright.”

Marta Celdrán, Head of Procurement and Logistics Services, at Siemens S.A.:

“My best wishes for FL on its 25th anniversary, it’s a proven sign that you are successfully filling a space which was necessary to fill in order to allow companies with medium to large fleets to focus on their core activities.”

“Market experience and flexibility!”

“In my opinion there has to be more focus on digitalization in order to improve how they interface with the different stakeholders: customer, renting companies, car dealers.”

Julia Toryanskaya, Sourcing Manager, at Nokia:

“Congratulation on 25th anniversary! Keep on moving!”

“My words to Fleet Logistics will be: Experience, support and good knowledge!”

Colleague Sabrina Marien, HR Manager, at Nokia:

“Congratulations with your 25th anniversary and on to the next 25 years! I really appreciate our collaboration, it feels like a real partnership. Especially the input and support you have provided in the greening of our car fleet was very valuable and is very much appreciated by the Nokia management and many of our employees.”


“Follow-up of market trends and translate them into a tailor-made approach for each of your customers.”

Aleksandra Jackowska, Strategic Sourcing EMEA Manager Fleet&Travel, at PPG:

“Happy 25th anniversary to Fleet Logistics! I’m thankful for our trip to success in realizing PPG EMEA advanced fleet strategy. Having you as a partner helped us to adjust to changing market environment and have innovation as an essential part of the fleet approach.
We rely on professional service from suppliers like you to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our customers. Please be assured we appreciate your efforts and wish you at least another 25 successful years. Have a wonderful celebration!”

Teresa Casulleras, Manager Sourcing Travel, Fleet & Events EMEA, at Merck:

“Happy 25th Anniversary Fleet Logistics Team. Thanks for the good Partnership we have. Thanks for your daily efforts in keeping our business running down the road.
My Best Wishes for the next 25 Years and beyond.”

Sven Roevens, Procurement & Fleet Manager, at Covestro:

“Congratulations with the 25th anniversary of Fleet Logistics!”


“Proactively support your Belgian customers with the changes related to the electrification of company cars.”


We highly appreciated the nice words and, as this is only a little snapshot, we would like to underline how honored we are by these nice words.

In the name of the entire Fleet Logistics Family, we thank you for the years of trustful collaboration and be assured that we will do our outmost to continue our joint success.