Our priority is to provide you with a dedicated fleet management solution that will reduce and control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your fleet. We will do this through the application of fleet expertise, innovation and strategy to optimise the entire mobility supply chain. We also aim to deliver best-in-class service quality through streamlined processes and continuous quality management, allied to the use of state-of-the-art, innovative and market-leading IT tools throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.
We are confident we can bring added value to your fleet with the implementation of jointly developed targets. As a strategic partner, we  will advise you in every aspect of the preparation, prioritization and delivery of your fleet program, allowing you to retain the decision-making authority inhouse while having the benefit of us as your external partner. 

Transparency is a key factor in the development and support of your fleet strategy. With our web-based Fleet.OnlineReporter® application, we can  provide specific reports on fleet status and developments, cost trends in your fleet and a number of other highly valuable reports. The basis of this indepth reporting is the  database  for your fleet which we will compile on your behalf. Alternatively, special templates allow you to download all your fleet details yourself, if you prefer. 

As market leader in the international fleet management arena, we are acutely aware of the special significance of accurate data and its use in helping steer the fleet  on a global level. Using our Global Reporting solution, we can create a consolidated global database, including a common reporting interface. This provides a view of the key metrics of your fleet at any time, and helps  determine your global strategy, in conjunction with input from our fleet  experts.

GreenCube 2020 is designed to help the international fleet team to determine its international Co2-emission strategy towards 2020. GreenCube 2020 provides transparency in the current situation and provides insights in the power train mix needed to achieve corporate CSR objectives and calculates, in immediate what-if analysis scenarios, the TCO effect (including direct and indirect taxes) of these mixes. It furthermore helps to make the transition from a global CSR or Environmental program to local policy parameters. It provides the local employer with a framework enabling the monitoring and control of the total cost of the fleet. Maximum CO2 levels for each level in your policy are set along with insights/incentives put in place for your drivers to make the right choices in this complex offer of power trains. The return of investment of such a Co2-emission driven policy change is multiple, mainly generated by taxations and fuel cost reductions.

Based on the success of GreenCube, our Global CO2 tax efficiency dashboard, TCOPlus decided to provide the market with the added value global reporting solution baptised FleetCube.

FleetCube allows international fleet decision makers to get transparency in the their consolidated international fleet data and digested information in a few mouse clicks. It will provide immediate insights in key figures and performance indicators.

Our unique position expertise and know how not only allows the collection of relevant data for our customers global fleet but also to translate this data into information, bringing unmatched global fleet intelligence and translating identified trends into transparent and clear cut actionable strategic decisions and execution.