Our services cover the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, and we can discuss and identify the required service package most appropriate to your fleet and company structure. From project consultation to a complete fleet management solution, we can be your trusted fleet partner. As part of our recommendation for your own individual fleet strategy, we will jointly define clear service levels for all processes and activities, and so bring added value to your fleet.

We know that the administration of a fleet includes a high degree of complexity. To allow you to keep an eye on the essentials, we offer our full range of expertise, know-how and technical support. Through many years of fleet experience, modern IT tools and a strong customer focus, we will jointly work out an appropriate fleet program, covering the needs of your company and your employees.

A highlight for every eligible company car user is the delivery of a new company car. To make that process as easy and straightforward as possible, we offer a customized vehicle configurator based on the rules preset by your company. Besides reflecting your company car policy, our configurator also allows you to calculate the respective driver contribution, based on individual budgets and pre-agreed driver levels. The system automates all processes, including the company's own approval levels, starting from the initial driver instruction  to the final order. Along the way, all steps in the process are carefully monitored and documented.

We offer each client a dedicated driver helpdesk in local language, manned by time-served fleet professionals providing all day-to-day driver services and assistance.  They are supported by best-in-class driver tools; Fleet.call, our dedicated 24/7 one-call phone number; Fleet.ticket, our dedicated email capture system; Fleet.online, our driver information portal; and FL Mobility Control, our driver app.

In any fleet operation, a number of suppliers, both internal and external, are usually involved. This results in a high degree of complexity and the need for clear communication. Based on our experience and expertise, we can provide you with detailed feedback on current processes, the potential for optimization and key developments in the market. Furthermore, we can assist you in managing your supplier relationships through development of best practice SLAs/ KPIs and production of a vendor scorecard along with extensive and considered dialogue with your partners.

The control of your fleet often depends on detailed contractual agreements with both internal stakeholders and external partners. We can support you with the necessary documentation and in any negotiations with existing and potential partners. Our experts know the current market rules and standards to produce the fairest and most cost efficient agreements.

Company cars and payroll are inevitably intertwined and of extreme interest to all your employees. Because of this relationship, we provide a high level of transparency in order to guarantee stable and efficient processing for your payroll department.

At this point, we always consider your company-specific personnel and payroll requirements, which will be reflected in a customized payroll file.

Driver licence checking is an important part of your duty of care responsibilities and we give this our full priority. It is important to protect not only your drivers, but also the reputation of your company. We will advise on the legal requirements in various countries, and can provide both automated and manual solutions which are designed to look after your business and your drivers.

Fines management is important to ensure the requirements of all legal authorities are fully met. We will support you in the compliance of local legal requirements, in a driving behaviour analysis of your company car users, and in any potential recharges to the driver as part of your company car policy.  By the detailed analysis of traffic and other fines, there are opportunities to influence the driving behaviour of your employees in a positive way that can also generate savings for the company.