The tight control of costs is a fundamental part of sound fleet management. Our teams of experts can offer support and advice in this key area to ensure that your fleet cost control is always at optimum levels. We provide intensive invoice management to ensure that all items to be posted are accurate and authentic, and that all payments can be made with 100% confidence.

New vehicle ordering offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce costs and fleet administration. Through the use of our highly acclaimed multi-bidding solution, we help our customers select the most cost-effective leasing rentals for all new cars to be added to the fleet - saving typically 8-10% in acquisition costs into the bargain.  Our solution separates the configuration of the car from the actual pricing as the platform; Fleet.wizard is supplier agnostic allowing you to steer the value created from the platform resulting from the leveraged pricing. Furthermore the process allows customer discounts and volume related and other bonuses, which have been negotiated with manufacturers, to be taken into account. Following the setting up of a network of supplying dealers, there is further potential for cost saving and price reduction.

Through our invoice control services and processes we focus on delivering efficiency and accuracy and control and reduce client cost through scrutiny of all supplier invoices for exceptions and challenging where necessary, through professional invoice controllers and automated tools, including Fleet.IVT, our proprietary validation toll which provides process efficiency and invoice control quality, validating 100% of all electronically received supplier invoices.

To ensure competitiveness across the entire life of a vehicle contract, we utilise matrix pricing. The pricing is given at the start of the contract for multiple mileage/duration points which are fixed in the event of recalculation mid-term, EOC term/miles deviation and ET. This is then used to reconcile contract versus actual with debits and credits calculated back to month 1.

Managing storage, refurbishment and collection/delivery details, ensuring all vehicles are utilised to their maximum practical capacity.

We provide a best practice approach to the vehicle return and end of contract (EOC) inspection processes which ensure efficiency and cost optimisation.  Through central management, utilisation of a damage waiver and a number of pre-defined steps, vehicles are collected, inspected and al EOC smart repair costs are validated and reduced where possible.