The efficient running of a fleet covers many areas, each with its own complexity. With many years of global fleet experience, we can offer your company advice in all the main areas . We have a global team of experts in specific areas such as strategy analysis, car policy creation, purchasing projects and many others. They are at your service to support you in achieving your fleet objectives.

We share  a common purpose -  to produce the ideal strategy for your fleet. In order to develop, prioritise and implement your requirements and vision, we allocate you a dedicated account manager. They will create a roadmap to show you the next steps in the implementation of your fleet strategy, and will present you with a quarterly analysis to keep you up to date in its progress. Our guiding principle is:  "Your opinion - our driving force!" 

A key part of a successful fleet operation is having a clear picture  of the current fleet cost situation, and the areas  where these can be optimized. To this end, we  can provide you with a detailed assessment of the current fleet, including a thorough review of actual fleet costs, supplier contracts, car policy and order processes.

The car policy is the rule book of your fleet operation and contains all relevant information and processes.
Due to changes in your business or market developments, these rules should be the subject of a review and justification on a regular basis. Our team of experts is happy to assist and help you in the preparation of the ideal fleet policy, including details of driver duties, safety aspects,  alternative powertrains such as electric vehicles and many more.

Our extensive fleet experience, allied to our global network of fleet clients, allows us to benchmark your current fleet strategy and key data against the relevant market sector in which you operate. We can also offer assistance in evaluating your existing vendor contracts, price levels and service level agreements (SLAs) to achieve better conditions on your behalf.

As part of a jointly developed fleet strategy, we can create a roadmap with you, which contains the most important measurements and timelines. For this reason, we can take control of your fleet operation in a transparent way, and set priorities in tune with your business goals, industry benchmarks and market maturity.

In addition to our consulting services, we can also support you with the  process of submitting tenders to all fleet-related suppliers. Our scope includes  the execution of tenders for leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers and fuel suppliers.
For this, we jointly define the supplier strategy and most important core aspects of the services to be provided. We will also support you in the final contract negotiations and implementation of selected partners.